Directer: Ian McFarland

Producer: Mcfarland & Pecci

Director of Photography: Heather McGrath

A meditation on life, art, and purpose, the film "Rungs in a Ladder"  centers around Jacob Bannon, an accomplished visual artist and frontman for hardcore band Converge, a group that has been carving its own iconoclastic path through the extreme music landscape for over twenty years. Bannon reflects on the formative events in his life as well as his continuing commitment to creation rather than destruction. 

A commitment that, he explains, is informed as much by anger as it is by survival. The documentary is a single continuous thought that sprawls in multiple directions but ultimately culminates in a sobering and uplifting statement of purpose. 


Directer: Heather McGrath

Artwork: Faring Purth

The Deleras are a series of paintings of women that are 8 - 20 feet high done by Faring Purth. Each piece was created from different sources of inspiration: references of old photographs, reflections … perhaps of someone’s lover, someone’s child. The day these paintings hung from the trainyard rafters was the first and only time they were displayed together. After that day, Faring installed each painting in its own city around the USA. They can be found in Boston, Brooklyn, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Austin, Oakland 

Faring Purth's work can be found at

Heather McGrath and Faring Purth met just a week prior to making this. Shot in January 2011. Edited in 2015. This is Heather McGrath's first film.


Directer: Emmanuel Ording

Director Of Photography: Heather McGrath

Fall River, Massachusetts, was once America’s leading textile center. At its peak in the 19th century, the city boasted more than 40 mills and was a bustling hub for manufacturers as well as suppliers, fabricators and craftsmen. But, like Detroit, Fall River fell on hard times as globalization and foreign competition put local producers out of business and jobs went overseas. By the 1960s, many of the town’s historic mills were abandoned or razed, and generations of knowledge and talent would go untapped.
When Merida made the decision to manufacture in the U.S. almost two decades ago, we knew the rich heritage that was right in our backyard. We believed the market was ready for beautiful, high-quality products made by expert craftspeople, and Fall River had the people and skills to deliver on that. The rest would come down to a rigorous design process and an innovative approach to manufacturing. That, and spools of good old-fashioned American grit.
Eighteen years later, Merida continues to innovate as we expand our capabilities, with a talented team of craftspeople and designers creating unique, hand-finished rugs. Fall River is on the verge of a design manufacture renaissance, and long-shuttered mills are being converted to studios and workshops. Fall River has a new story to tell, and Merida is proud to be spearheading the next chapter, employing local talent to bring textile innovation back to its American roots.


Directer: Heather McGrath

Cinematography: Courtney Ryan & Patrick Ryan

Starring: Jennie Ross

Makeup: Laura Dillon